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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Odds and sods

OK, today is December 1st. I have been very slack on the blogging front. What have I been up to? Ok I will do a quick recap. I took photos as demanded for you Regan, only to discover that my digital camera will no longer download to my PC (WHOOPIE) I ask my boy for some tech support (as this is – after all – his job) his response, “baby reload the software” Ummm… never would have thought of that…. yeah right , how about “Tried that already” (Twice). So sorry, no photos (until I can get it working again, anyhow).

I sent off my final Uni assignment, only to receive it back and find out I had completed it on the wrong topic “Invertebrates, Vertebrates… WTF? Is there even a difference? (Ok, ok, I know there is, but man the words are so close, teach me not to read the subject properly, that’s for sure. But I must say even though my lecturer wrote me a short and very blunt note on how I did the wrong thing, she did give me 15 out of 30 so I can’t really bitch about it and it does look as though I will pass the subject after all (thank you God).

I finally got the insurance back, ch-ching. Only thing is I now don’t want to spend it, but I can see with Christmas coming up a chunk of cash will be drained for presents, etc. You know I really need to talk to the parentals about having 4 kids; this doesn’t really work out for me the older and richer one who can afford to give decent gifts. And before you get a complex, yes I am richer than my brother who is a jobless student, and my other brother who works for a dollar an hour at a certain Fast food Chicken store (oh let’s call it KFZ) or so he give the impression that this is his pay rate.

I have also been having trouble with my boss at work and filed a complaint (this is the main reason I haven’t been blogging) I had had a lot of work to do in regard to this and have been very concerned about it, but now everything is happening) and as for more about it – yes the confidentiality clause which says I cannot discuss it, I wonder how far that goes, and if I hear the term “Business as usual” one more time, I think I’ll be sick. Anyhow let’s move on……

It has become summer overnight I believe (and in all my craziness I have yet to go swimming in the new pool, but I will, oh yes I will). It was a hideous 42 degrees yesterday and the hot (yes HOT) breeze or should I say hurricanal (is that a word? the spell check doesn’t seem to think so.) wind almost whisked me away as it fried my skin and burnt most of the hair from my body as I headed for the car. Man I just love summer (not).

Max is good, he’s not loving the heat either and now spends most of his quality time under the porch, well at least he has shade. Next doors dog (Barky) is very close to getting special treat all for him for Christmas to curb the barking… but we’ll see. After all ‘tis the season (ohhhh, to be jolly….ummm, must work on that).

I am however looking forward to Christmas, mum has (as tradition states) told me every single present she has got me, just to make sure I am ok with it, and if I’m not, well she has already got it for me so too bad (oh I wonder why she even asks). But as I was stating back a few paragraphs, Christmas for the fam, yay me, presents for all. I asked mum for some help on what to get the sibling, her first question. “How much do you want to spend?” My response, as always “Nothing” (I don’t know why she still asks). So all in all I get a sweeping I have no idea, thank you mum and back to square one. Oh well. I will get them something eventually, I have always been a Christmas Eve shopper, I mean the shops stay open until midnight for a reason right?

Oh and to make things worse it’s my older/younger brothers 21st in a week. What to get him, well same as always, I have no idea. I’ll (hopefully) think of something.

So, I am babbling and the convo is flying all over the place and have no constant train of thought. I shouldn’t have stayed away so long. I think I have forgotten how to write (as if I ever knew).

Well that will have to do for the mo, my best wishes to everyone for the holiday season, and my eternal jealousy for those with snow, think of me as I am sweating my ass off as you are cosied (also not a word, Word XP I thank you) in front of the fire place. I know I would rather be there with any of you than here in this heat. Tootle pip.
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