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Sunday, January 02, 2005

A Whitetail, New Year and a Haunted House

Sorry about the extended break. The work issue is not yet done and I am still hanging (oh well) but enough of that (and Regan if you’re still about – no it wasn’t sexual (thank God)).

So I killed a White-tailed Spider today, it was climbing up the wall and it was kinda big. I squashed it with a rather large book (yes, ever the hero). They can give a very nasty bite that in some people ulcerates and doesn’t heal (forever – so I’m told). Ok away from the Discovery Channel. Anyhow now with my superstitious mind I am waiting for it to rain. But it hasn’t so far.

As for New Year, boy was I a Nigel No Friends this year. I did get invited to a party at a good friends house but would have to travel almost the breadth of the Country to get there (5 or 6 hours I think) so I piked. So what did I do? I played on my computer a bit and then called my mum to wish her a happy New Year and watched the fireworks on TV. It’s actually pretty impressive to watch them come of the bridge, if you ever get a chance to see it, it's awesome. Last night it was 15 minutes of continuous fireworks, it was amazing. Ok, enough of my loser complex telling you all how great the fireworks on TV were (ha ha ha).

Oh something interesting I did do last week (when I was home at the parentals) is go with my little bro (18) to a place called Monte Cristo in a town called Junee. Now this house is the most haunted house in Australia, and if you have a look at the site some crazy stuff has happened there. Now of course I go with my bro who is convinced we will see a ghost or something will happen and you know crazily enough something did. As we were walking up a tiny stair case I look up at 18 who is running up it, I didn’t think much of it and began to ascend myself only to get a tightening in my chest and a heavy feeling on me (hard to describe but it was like being weighted down), it was honestly a struggle to get up the stairs, I kinda dismissed it but when I asked 18 later when we were having afternoon tea, if he felt anything on the stairs he described the exact same thing to me as I felt. Crazy stuff. Later we asked the owner who said many people have that happen on the stairs he said a little girl was killed there, apparently her nanny dropped her down them. Although he said that the nanny insisted that the baby was pulled from her arms (by a ghost). Anyhow…. spooky…. Also I took photos of absolutely everything and when we got home I have one photo that 18 insists is the “money shot” and he thinks you can see an orb in the photo (which I think you can too) and weirdly what looks to be someone’s pant legs in the photo, in the fireplace (and no, there was no screen). Anyhow I will post it up think what you will, it may be nothing, the photo, by the way was taken with a digital camera (I have no idea how to edit the photo and it has not been changed in any way – and hell, why bother) but as with all good ghosty photos it is a bit blurry.

Oh and they do overnight stays with candle light tours, we are both going to go back to get the bejesus scared out of us – it should be awesome. Oh and the other brother (21 now) stayed home because he didn’t want to be late for work – ha ha ha ha – he starts work at 5 (pm) and the place was only an hour away from mums town (where he was working) and we left at 10 (am) but to put it all into perspective he is the one who “holds the bags” at amusement parks rather than go on the rides, not exactly an adventuresome lad, but oh we’ll, each to their own.

So, HAPPY NEW YEAR and I hope you all had a great Chrissy.
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  • At 5:51 pm, Blogger Seeker said…

    This post is looking all lonely...

    you wrote "So I killed a White-tailed Spider today,"

    I told you to have the god damn extermo come and do a spray but you didnt listen to me! Am I to be surprised I was not informed of this little tid bit?

  • At 6:59 pm, Blogger Inanna said…

    Ever the overprotective Seeker ;) Nord, hope your New Year is fantabulous, with no spiders, and that pic is just weird. The fireplace especially. If I ever come to Australia perhaps I can go there.

  • At 5:00 pm, Blogger Sara said…

    I would definitely want to do the overnight stay.

  • At 8:01 am, Blogger Pup said…

    Yea, count me in! Overnight!

  • At 5:29 pm, Blogger Heather said…

    Loved the haunted house story! And good job on killing that spider! :)

  • At 8:04 pm, Blogger Nord said…

    Baby, baby, baby – They don’t really cause that much harm and one isn’t gonna do much (and I did kill it anyhow).

    Inanna – yes it is strange, there a few shots like it now we have had a chance to study all the photos, very strange indeed.

    Sara – Yes my bro and I plan too, it will be great.

    Pup – Well if you guys all arrange to come over we can book the place out – lol.

    Heather – yeah it is a strange place (and ever the great white hunter/white tailed spider killer - lol), thanks for stopping by.

  • At 7:54 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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