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Saturday, November 06, 2004


Today I have finally done my insurance, yes I know it's taken a while, I think I was hassled into it. But now I am finally home for the day, I have been running around getting quotes and codes from not so helpful or friendly shop assistants for the last 4 hours.

The value all up of the claim about $2,500.00, hardly seems worth it for the hassle (come on now – who am I kidding – lol). But the worst thing about it is that I will have to go back out and buy all the stuff now after going around and getting the quotes. Well at least I now know where everything is in the stores.

The worst event of the day was the second store I went to, I politely asked if I could get a quote only to be told that “I need to make an appointment” and the manager “was much too busy”. God it is a department store for Christ’s sake. Then the manager rudely informed me they do not work for the insurance company but for their customers. I was oh so close to saying the “what am I a ham sandwich” but no, I am polite (at times). Any he asked if I could come back on Wednesday morning. I informed him no, I actually work during the day (funny that).

I told him I was happy to get the prices and give it to them to do me up the quote and I will come back and pick it up when it was done – after all it’s not rocket science. He reluctantly agreed, but constantly advised me it would not be ready before Wednesday – yeah, whatever.

So anyhow I have got it all ready and am super keen to send it off finally but now have something else (other than my procrastination) hold it up. Oh well fingers crossed it will be done by the end of the week and sent away.


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